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4.0 ( 6150 ratings )
Игры Развлечения Аркады Головоломки
Разработчик Alebrije Estudios

In this enchanting vertical platformer, follow the story of a seed that was born to sleep, yet dreamt of flight. You control this little hero who refused to stay on the ground, and sought redemption in the sky.

Whats inside:
- Use Openfeint to unlock all the achievements.
- Learn to hover, jump and double jump in the tutorial.
- The real deal: Over 60 different levels offering a different experience each time you play!
- Leaderboards and achievements, see how you rank amongst your friends.
- Clocks that give you extra time
- Spikes and many different platforms
- Conveyor belts that move you sideways!
- Practice Mode

Discover the dream that started as a day of falling asleep, and help our little hero find itself among the stars.

How to play:
- Tap the "up" button to jump.
- Hold it to hover.
- Tap again to double jump.